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We make a difference & create impact.


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Financial injection for companies growth.


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Welcome to Manit Oil LLC. A world Class Of Excellence,

The Manit Oil LLC is a multinational enterprise made up of more than 20 companies and affiliates. Our strength is demonstrated in our planning, engineering, construction, operations, maintenance and management of complex infrastructure and industrial facilities. After thirty years we enjoy a strong and established presence in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry in the Gulf and Middle East, and this combined experience has enabled Manit Oil LLC to grow into a fully diversified organisation providing quality and safety with efficiency and cost effectiveness.


The Manitâ„¢ Optimization Service, a tiered offering ranging from surface data-based optimization to full closed-loop downhole drilling automation, was developed by Manit Oil LLC to address the changing economic and technological landscape of the oil and gas industry. As operators seek new efficiencies and more significant performance increases, an innovative approach is necessary to achieve success, particularly in complex offshore well environments.


Utilizing our state of the art Offshore Crane Simulator, we provide G5 Certified Training for offshore crane operations in accordance with NORSOK Standard.


Renewable Energy





Global Investments

We coordinate our investment strategy from offices in the United Arab Emirates..

We continue to explore and broaden our search for long-term investment opportunities, while remaining true to the vision of our founder, CEO.

Liquid products are primarily exported to the world market, although some is supplied locally to the Government of Dubai owned company Emgas for domestic use. Dry fuel gas goes offshore as fuel for Dubai Petroleum Establishment (DPE) and Manit Oil LLC production platforms.

Manit Oil LLC has brought various expansion projects on line, increasing processing capacity. These include an additional gas processing plant to cope with additional quantities of rich gas from other sources, which necessitated extensive laying of additional gas pipelines.