Meet The Team

Manit Oil LLC is backed by a team of professionals utilising extensive market knowledge and years of experience to make solid investments around the globe. Manit Oil LLC comprises a highly experienced and diverse team made up from a range of different skills including investment professionals, lawyers and accountants.


Our investment professionals work together, capitalising on their wealth of contacts and close business relationships, to make sound investment decisions which reinvigorate the companies we invest in. Through our solid network of contacts and deep-rooted, personal relationships with investment partners, we strive to strengthen their long-term prospects in addition to creating value for all of our stakeholders.

Manit Oil LLC


Prof. Ghani Ahmed Ghani
Executive Director - International Investments

Dr Ismail Al Larbi
Director Investments and New Businesses

Mr. Moktar Al Mohammad
Chief Financial officer - Financial Control

Mr. Marwan Hani Jabar
Executive Director - Operations and Support Services

Mr. Ali Mohamed
Recruitment Manager

Dr. Mahmoud Khalil Khan
Executive Director - Investment Service

Prof Moncef Ahmed Amin
Attorney - Head of legal Department

Mr Mourad Al Nadir
Investment Coordinator

Manit Oil LLC

CEO / Founder

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin
& Hamad bin Mohammed